The firm

ESMANECH LEGAL FIRM, is a Power-team composed of 22 independent lawyers and accountants, located in Milan, Verona and Klagenfurt (Austria), each with specific proficiencies, who provide legal advice to Companies and private citizens alike.

The ample area of expertise means that the client can be followed in their private and professional issues, by reaching one single firm, composed of a cohesive team of lawyers.

The core issues of the Firm deals with are the ones in which the business/entrepreneurial and the Family matters collide/b> (as for the cases of generational shifts, which, to be dealt with, requires a profound knowledge of Inheritance Law, Family Law and Corporate Law, in order to avert incoming disputes and to solve the ones that already took place.

The advantages of our clients (privates or Companies) are:

  • To know they’ll receive a swift and competent reply on all the proposed problems, without having to search for many, different firms
  • to know they’ll receive exhaustive advice, that will solve their issues under multiple views and areas, with the goal to deal with said issues in an organic, coherent manner, as most topics cannot be treated as an enclosed compartment, but needs to be evaluated under multiple views
  • to know that the professional attitude, the confrontation and the synergy among the many lawyers of the Firm, more often than not, solves problems before they arise
  • to kno that the Firm can create business oppportunities for our clients (Italian and International), dealing with many different clients creating a network even among them.

We like to conside ourselves not only as a Legal form, but as a Knight that protects our clients, helping them to make the smartest decisions, in their time of need.

Our clientel is comprised of Private Companies (Italian and International) and private citizens.

The companies the Firm is currently assisting deal in the following fields:

  • chemistry and pharmaceutics
  • Telecommunications
  • New technologies
  • Design
  • Shipping and Couriers
  • Insurance
  • ONLUS and Associations
  • Software e hardware development
  • Start Up